Was in der Zeckenzeit zu beachten ist!


The temperatures are rising and we can finally spend more time with our four-legged friends in the fresh air. But as soon as spring has started, the ticks make their way back to our furry companions. So that you can still enjoy the time in the fresh air, we have summarized a few tips for you. Because ticks are not only annoying, they also transmit diseases that neither humans nor animals should underestimate.

🔸Take care of your four-legged friend's tick protection in good time, because prevention is better than aftercare

🔸 Ticks also like to hide in collars, harnesses or on a leash → always think about your own clothes

🔸 Ones infected with Lyme disease Ticks only transmit the pathogens after 16 - 24 hours, so always get rid of the bloodsucker as soon as possible

🔸Decide for yourself whether you use natural alternatives such as coconut oil and amber necklaces or anti-tick collars, tablets and You take spot-on cures

🔸 Test different products on your dog, because not every remedy works for your four-legged friend and protects him from the parasites

🔸Regular and accurate examination of your dog for parasites is very important, because that doesn't protect you t only your dog, but also yourself

🔸if you are out and about in nature a lot, you should also consider a vaccination against Lyme disease.
Have fun on your next adventure 🌿🐶🧡!

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